Work-Life Balance: Merrick Brock Fishing Extravaganza

–By John Merrick —

Work-life balance is critical. Most of us can use a little more life and less work. To do so, it is important to stop, live in the present and appreciate the little things, aka “smell the roses.” It is easier said than done, especially in a world of multitasking, deadlines, adversaries and the (almost) ever present cell phone.

Work-life balance starts by unplugging. Emails, text messages, phone calls, voicemails and reminders detract from appreciating the little things and living in the present. Cell phones are a boon for work, but they are kryptonite for life.

In pursuit of work-life balance, Merrick Brock sponsored its second annual offshore fishing extravaganza in the Outer Banks. Fishing aboard the “Waste Knot” and well outside of cell phone range, this salty crew of lawyers enjoyed a day of fishing, accompanied by sunshine, fried chicken and the occasional Miller Light. Most of all, we enjoyed camaraderie, and living in the present on a boat with nowhere else to be or to go. Thank you to my friends and colleagues (and impressive lawyers) for sharing the experience: Les Brock, David Lacy, Ron Page, Clint Verity and Chris Bradshaw (tuna slayer).

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