Merrick Brock Settles Wrongful Death Claim of Passenger for $315,000

Merrick Brock attorney Les Brock settled a wrongful death claim of a passenger who was killed in an auto crash. This is a tragic case where a young man in his twenties had his life unfairly cut short due to the reckless actions of a speeding driver. The driver of the vehicle was driving well above the speed limit on I-81 when he lost control of his vehicle on an exit ramp and and crashed into the back of a tractor trailer that was illegally parked on the side of the road. The deceased was in the back seat of the vehicle and passed away at the scene from the injuries he sustained in the crash, leaving behind three young children. Another passenger in the vehicle survived the crash with life threatening injuries. Unfortunately, there was limited auto insurance available to satisfy all of the claims arising from the accident, and so a mediation was held with a retired judge to determine how to apportion the limited insurance coverage between the plaintiffs. Although the case did not settle at the mediation, settlement discussions continued and the case settled shortly thereafter for $315,000.

This was a senseless act that left one man dead, another man seriously injured, and three children without a father. Our hearts go out to these children and to the rest of the deceased’s family. It was our honor and privilege to bring some justice to this terrible situation, and it is cases like this that remind us of why we became lawyers in the first place. Please drive safely and remember that your actions have consequences.

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