Medical Malpractice 5 Star Review

— By John Merrick —

Medical malpractice cases are challenging for four primary reasons:

  • There is a cap, which serves as a ceiling for settlement negotiations and a safety net for insurance companies. If a jury awards you $10 million to compensate you for harm caused by a negligent doctor, the amount will be reduced to the cap of $2.6 million.
  • The cases are expensive. The cases often require testimony from several expert witnesses. Medical experts aren’t cheap.
  • The defendant (doctor) is typically sympathetic. Most people like their doctor and are pre-disposed to accept the argument that bad outcomes can just happen.
  • They can be very complicated. A good lawyer must figure out how to simplify complicated medical terms and outcomes for the jury to understand. If the jury does not understand the case, the defendant wins.

Case in point: our firm has a medical malpractice case against a doctor who put a stent on the right sided ureter instead of the left sided ureter. Both ureters were visible during the procedure. The doctor performed the procedure on the wrong side, to the wrong ureter. No settlement offers have been made and negligence remains hotly contested.

Medical malpractice cases take a lot of time, energy and resources. There is no such thing as an easy med-mal case, and most are extremely challenging.

The difficulty makes this Google review from my first med-mal case (representing the plaintiff) incredibly rewarding.

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