Inn of Court – Remember the D.C. Sniper?

— By John Merrick–

John Merrick currently serves as the President of the Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Inn of Court.

“You heard a witness for the Commonwealth testify, in effect, that some children are just born bad, that children are not affected by what we do to them. They simply choose to do wrong. Every tenant of my faith and every fiber of my body rejects that concept. Every person, certainly every child, has good within them, and every person has worth and every person is redeemable. If you attend the candlelight services two nights from now on Christmas Eve, if your church is like mine, the last hymn they sing is Silent Night, and you pass the light from one candle to the next, listen to the third verse when you sing it.

It contains a phrase, “radiant beams from thy holy face, with the dawn of redeeming grace.” There is grace, and there is a redeeming grace, and it will come to Lee, if his life is entitled and allowed to continue.”

– Craig S. Cooley, Esq. from his December 22, 2003, closing argument to a jury during the penalty phase in the capital murder trial of “D.C. Sniper” Lee Malvo.

At our recent Lewis F. Powell, Jr., Inn of Court meeting, Mr. Cooley offered an inside look at the strategy for defending the juvenile “D.C. Sniper” Lee Malvo from the death penalty, and the process of putting the puzzle pieces together to effectuate that strategy. The breadth and weight of that undertaking cannot be overstated.

Mr. Cooley is on another level. He is inspiring, humble, generous, thoughtful and brilliant.

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